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Rarely at a loss for words, but with an unmistakable, elegaic style, bab has routed some of the finest PO'BMC'ers extant with her use of beneath-the-table gambits and her positively brilliant gift for end-game histrionics – traits which have earned her the sobriquet The Aussie Assassin from her adoring, if misguided, fans.

"I've never wanted for that 'killer instinct'. Bring the game to a close when they're least expecting it, is my motto; the judges rarely fail to reward you for it – they're already into the beer by then, anyway." 

Ever the consummate competitor, ever the gracious host at her famous, post-tourney triage tent parties, bab epitomizes the spirit of PO'BMC for dozens of aspiring Antipodean schoolgirls.

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