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jpo is a rare, though respected, visitor to the PO'BMC scene. Although he narrowly missed holding on to the Benson and Hedges championship tea cosy in 1957, that year is generally considered his best to date; his semi-final match against sdw is thought to be one of the best technical games ever played. It is used as a textbook example in the PO'BMC Rules and Regulations (Volume 73, chapter 12, section 19, annex 5 to appendix 8 page 94). jpo has been known to trice rival players athwart their starboard gumbrils, and never hesitates to engage the enemy more closely.

Seeded in the top three for the current Quebec Open, it is generally considered by the cognoscenti that this year it will be a srz-jpo final with all the drama that implies. Watch out especially for the endgame this year—they're playing 1812 Rules (third revision) with the Moscow variant. Organisers are hoping Austerlitz will be declared wild for the tournament.

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