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An early picture of js, front left with crutch, in the quarter finals of the Surrey Juniors' 1980 PO'BMC Live Re-enactment Competition
(Letter of Marque rules)


Jane S. is well-known as the Editor-in-Chief of Statistics in Mornington Crescent, where she has overseen the meteoric rise in popularity of that journal to its eight-year run on the non-fiction bestseller list of the New York Times. This has been effected in part by the switch to a bright, bold format, the banishment of all numbers and formulae, and by revealing full-colour Page 3 pictures of notable PO'BMC players. 

Much of Jane's work is conducted from her home, HMS Probability.  This small frigate is constantly under way, following a seemingly random route to India, Ionia, the Galapagos, the Cape, Australia and back again. Why such a commodious residence? According to sources close to La Statisticienne, the frigate is ballasted entirely by books. 

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