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A famous team player, jsh has been the sole survivor of many famous teams. Her aggressive tactics and the practical operation of her motto The sword is mightier than the pen have seen her rise to just behind the front ranks of international Mornington Crescent players... within plunging distance of the Tesco Grand Champion Crown itself.

At her best on a quicker course – where the speed of play sometimes overtakes the umpires (may they rest in peace) – she dominates and decimates the field, skillfully employing her knowledge of the Visigothic Revival appendices to the classic rules*.

Surviving team-mates and competitors are voluble in their praise of her grace, wit, charm, beauty and elegance. And above all, the brutal subtlety of her playing style.

*Note to spectators: full body armour is required apparel when observing matches in which this player is competing

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