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Plat du Jour
(* signifies a new contribution)


*was banyan day

*and no slush, no slush at all to be had

*.. This was, in course, of little concern to the resourceful Surprises who turned to

*(cannibalism) immemorial custom

*in spite of

*sour looks from the elderly waisters as,


*, the Captain of the Main Top

*reconciled himself to penguin and peas.

*"We got a Jonah aboard mate"

*he muttered to Bill Brown as they gazed down on the white head of the Butcher. "Because why?"

*, raising his voice,"Because, mate, he hath shot the Great Auk (only we call itpenguin to make it eat better) that made the breeze to blow which it's poetry".
"You and your old Samuel T. Coleridge

*can go ---- yourself. Poetry my ---." said Bill to himself, and out loud: "Oh, wee? Poetry, eh? Right then. Tip us a line, cully."

*after swiftly engulfing the last of the penguin, the Captain of the Main Top assumed a chuchgoing expession and, in a hollow, unnatural voice boomed :

* "The

*ship was cheered
The harbour cleared
And merrily did we drop
Below the kirk, below the hill

Out to the channel's chop.
We steered away
For Botany Bay
On the marge of Lake LaBarge
Once there we found, scattered round

*". "Auk? Auk?" The butcher's white head and purple face appeared abruptly through the lubber's hole. "Which it ain't no flaming auk, no, nor penguin neither, it's..."

But his voice was drowned out by the cry of his mates below - "Albatross! Albatross! Get your nice albatross here!"

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