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(Games marked with a * appear in the main archive. )

Arms and the Man     bab bat jg js ldt psm
Artists of the Floating World     bab slb
BG Fone Home *     bab bat dac jbn js ldt sdw srz
The Bird Woman of Barham Down...     bat sdw shw srz
Blue at the Mizzen (abandoned)     shw (mostly) bab
The Case of the Ashgrove Elephant *     bab dac js pbw
Convergence at the Confluence     bab gdf pbw sdw srz
The Corpse de Ballet     bat dac js shw
Crate Expectations (abandoned)     ajm js jsh ldt pbw pjc tkk
The Cruet Sea     bat gdf pbw sdw
The Day of the Potto     dac gdf shw
EGREGIOUS! BAYONET! ALBATROSS!     bab gdf sdw shw
The Empress Gang, or the Further Voyages of a Learned Naval Penguin     apq eb js nk slb
The Emu Has Landed     bab dac js pbw sdw
The End is Near (abandoned)     bab bat pbw shw srz
Endgame *     bab bat gdf js pbw sdw srz
Five Murder Mozart     bab dac js sdw srz
Four Weddings and a Sort of Funeral *     bab pbw js
The Frigate of the Apes *     bab bat dac gdf
The Good the Bad and the Pretty Ugly *     bab bat dac js pbw sdw
Guns and Horses      bab dac js sdw slb
Here Be Monsters     bab bat gdf jpo js pbw sdw srz
Homer'd bound     bab bat dac js pbw sdw shw srz
Homo dorkingensis     bab js slb
The Infernal Triangle     bab bat dac js ldt psm srz
Ill Met by Moonlight *     bab bat dac srz
Th'impervious Horrors of a Lear Shore *     bab dac js bat sdw
Letters of Mark     js sdw shw srz
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Alligators     bab bat dac js ldt sdw srz
Little is Done (short, abandoned)     ldt psm
Live and Let Dive     bab bat ebs js ldt psm sdw srz
The Lord of the Ringle     bab bat "jrrt" ldt pbw psm sdw
Mostly D*ck a Tale of Revenge *     bab bat dac js sdw
Off Rats!     bab js slb
Opera Can Be Such a Drag *     dac gdf js sdw
The Penguin Pocket History of Russia     pbw js sdw shw
The Prisoner (short, abandoned)     bat
The Proof of the Pudding     bab bat dac js sdw shw srz
Rears and Vices     js slb
The Rime of the Infant Mariner *     bat dac pbw js srz
The Seal of Approval     dac ebs js ldt pbw srz
A Roman Ruin (abandoned)     bat dac sdw
Scötterdämmerung     bab js slb
The Silence of the Cats (quick-fire, abandoned)     dac js jsh kaw sdw slb srz
Spinning a Yarn     ajm bab js ldt pbw psm sdw tkk
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold *(abandoned)     bat dac gdf jpo js pbw sdw srz
Tea and Sociopathy     bab dac js sdw srz
Too Many Captains Spoil the Broth     bab bat dac gdf pbw sdw srz
The Unsinkable Lady Baker     bat js sdw srz
What Song the Siren Sang     bab bat dac jsh ldt lpm sdw
With Apologies to Miss Austen (short, abandoned)     bab js

Genetics: a Flaming Tragedy     bab sdw
Nine Double Three One     bab sdw
Plat du Jour     bab sdw
The Seventh Seal     bab sdw
What the Gunner Said     bab sdw

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